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We have quality puppies.  They have champions in all of their pedigrees. 
 All of our puppies are wormed and have 2 NeoPar shots and 2 puppy shots before they leave.

We are getting beautiful BOSTONS.  Nat is producing beautiful small puppies.  He is fitting in nicely with are breeding program.
We are using him on Herbies and Talents daughters and they are coming small and well marked.  So loving.
The Bostons are my favaroite.  I can't seem to get enough of the  red and chocolate babies.
For those wondering about a CAVACHON.  They are a bichon and cavalier king charles first generation cross.
They are great family puppies.  They take the non-shedding - hypo allergenic from the bichon.
All seem to have great personalities.  Want to be held and will sit still when you have them on your lap. But will play with the best of them.  
We are using are Ruby cavalier on the bichons and getting golden solid cavachon puppies. Will also be crossing  are cavalier females with a bichon.
For CAVAPOOS we are also crossing the cavaliers with pierre. a 10 lb poodle.  They are non-shedding, hypo-allergenic,
very loving and all reports (the smartest dog I have ever had). Will be using in 2014 a beautiful red poodle

Bostons, Mini Schnauzers,  Cavapoos,  Bichonpoos, Cavanese
AVAILABLE  PUPPIES               
Cavapoos  1 boys   born 10-11 
1boston choc red boy dob aug
1 boston red boy dob 9/25 
Schnauzers 3 boys    dob 10-12 
Schnauzers 3 boys 2 girls  dob 10-22 
Bichonpoos  4 boys    dob 12-12
Bostons 4 boys/red   2 girls/ blk & wht   dob 12-14 
Bostons red  3 boys 3 girls  dob 12/26
Cavanese  2 girls 1 boy  dob 2/2 

                                                                                                           We charge IN SALES TAX on  all puppies                      
 CELL 574-268-8912 for more information.  
 Will hold any puppy with a deposit of $100.00 
 We give a 1 yr genetic guar on all of are puppies.
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